I am a ceramic artist working from Pembrokeshire, West Wales and I graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2012 with a 1st class honors degree in Ceramics. I began developing my current style of work during my time on the Starter Studio Program for early career ceramicists run by Yorkshire Artspace. My ceramic practice comes from my love of the material itself and the vessel form.

All my pieces begin as slabs of clay, some of which I mark with different lines and patterns before shaping them into cylinders. These cylinders are then altered through dropping, cutting and manipulating the clay in order to create forms that have a sense of movement and physicality. I enjoy this process because the natural plasticity of the clay combined with my manipulation means no two pieces are the same, each form has unique contours and shadows.

I also love the natural colours and textures of the clay, so my palette is made from blending different clays and colouring oxides together. While I did not develop my work with function in mind, I do now glaze the inside of most vessels so they can be used with water.